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Air conditioning issues reported at dozens of Clayton County Schools


ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – The new school year is up and running, but some of the air conditioning units are not.

CBS46 obtained an 80-page report detailing hundreds of open HVAC issues in Clayton County Schools.

At Brown Elementary, the report says several rooms are warm and the A/C is not working in two modular classrooms.

“My daughter actually goes to this school, and I was unaware of that. So, I didn’t know the A/C and everything didn’t work,” parent Sophia Sharee said.

Also on the list, Harper Elementary. The report says the air conditioning is not working in multiple rooms. Plus, some units are listed as blowing out hot air.

“It’s frustrating. You get hot and bothered at the same time and that will cause you to not want to focus you know,” parent Darrian Woodson said.

At Point South Middle, a work order was submitted for hot air blowing out of the vents, it also says, classroom is not safe for students due to the humidity and heat.

Over at Northcutt Elementary, the report says classroom tables are wet due to the heat and humidity. And the room feels like a sauna.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable, like I said before you can’t really work under hot conditions. So, it’s frustrating,” Woodson said.

And back at Brown Elementary. The report says in one of the portable classrooms, the thermostat reading was 97 degrees.

“First of all, I feel offended, and I feel disrespected because I have a child that has breathing problems and she cannot be too hot. And she’ll tell them I’m hot, I’m hot,” Sharee said.

CBS46 contacted Clayton County Schools and the district office provided the following statement in response.

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