Cary 9-year-old bitten by copperhead in family’s garage ::


— Most experts said it’s common to see a copperhead on the trails at night, but one family in Cary found one had made its way into their garage.

Jocelyn Marks told WRAL News that’s where her daughter was bitten by the snake.

“She was taking her shoes off [and] she looked down and [said] the snake bit her,” said Jocelyn Marks.

Her daughter, Jacie, said it wasn’t just any snake. She called it by its name.

“I said, ‘Mom, I just got bit by a copperhead,'” said Jacie Marks.

Her parents wasted no time and rushed Jacie Marks to the hospital.

Doctors gave her the anti-venom CroFab, her foot swelled, and 15 hours later she was released.

“Keep your garage nice and clean,” said Jacie’s dad, Julian. “I think it was hiding in our garage.”

It turns out local hospitals are seeing more snake bites this year.

WakeMed told WRAL News that 27 patients were treated for bites in July and in August so far they’ve seen eight. Both increased from 2021.

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According to Duke Health data analytics, there were approximately 20 emergency department patients across the Duke University Health System who experienced a copperhead snake encounter since July 1.

Dr. Greg Lewbart, reptile expert with North Carolina State University, said most major hospitals will carry anti-venom in the Triangle, but it can cost $50,000 to $200,000 – without insurance.

“If you encounter [a snake] go the other way,” said Lewbart. “It’s pretty expensive. Insurance will cover most of the cost.”

Jacie and her parents shared a tip too.

“Get to the hospital as soon as you can,” said Jacie’s mom.

Lewbart also said it is important to clear your garage and backyard of cardboard, plywood and other coverings snakes like to hide under.

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