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Community raising hope and support for Atlanta woman needing heart transplant


ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – A community is rallying together to help a mother of three.

The Atlanta woman was diagnosed with heart failure, and the medical bills are adding up as she pursues a heart transplant

William Moore recalls finding out his wife, Laquedia Moore, was sick.

“I’m like, what’s going on with you? She was responsive, but she wasn’t herself,” said Moore.

Moore says at first, his wife couldn’t figure out why she was feeling so weak and tired.

“We just kept going to different doctors and the emergency rooms. And they just kept diagnosing with her different stuff, like they thought it was acid reflux,” said Moore.

But it wasn’t acid reflux. It was something much more serious. Doctors realized it was “peripartum cardiomyopathy,” meaning heart failure.

Laquedia Moore’s heart was only working at 10% capacity. So now, the 31-year-old needs a heart transplant.

“We’ve been in the hospital now for two-and-a-half weeks. I’ve been by her bedside day and night, just supporting her. It’s hard to see your wife going through that.

She made it onto the heart transplant list, which is the first step to getting matched with a donor. But the costs for the medical bills will keep getting more and more expensive.

“This is just a time where I’m like, I have no control. And that just breaks my heart,” said Moore.

The family set up a GoFundMe account, and so far it’s raised more than $$30,000.

“Let’s get her a new heart. Let’s get her a new heart,” said Moore. “We are forever grateful to the world.”

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