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Easthampton firefighter accused of recording female coworkers


EASTHAMPTON, MA (WGGB/WSHM) – Easthampton Firefighter Nicholas Tillman has been arrested and accused of placing two secret cameras in the women’s locker room at the Easthampton fire station, which led to his arrest last week.

Western Mass News has obtained court documents that detailed the ongoing investigation. On Wednesday, July 13, one of the female firefighters discovered a blue light in the locker to the left of hers, which was not assigned to anyone. When she opened the locker to see what the light was, she discovered the camera taped to the locker and attached to a power supply. She then also checked the other empty locker and found a second camera.

Easthampton Police detectives then took the micro-SD cards from the cameras and discovered several files, one of which showed a female firefighter undressing out of her clothes for her shift.

Investigators then placed a Nest camera in the women’s locker room in attempt to observe someone entering the locker room to retrieve the cameras in the lockers. On Thursday, July 14, Easthampton Police discovered video footage from the Nest camera, which showed a firefighter, reportedly identified as Tillman, opening the lockers where the cameras were placed.

The court documents went on to say that on that day, Tillman entered Easthampton Fire Deputy Chief Benson’s office and asked to speak with him. He allegedly later admitted that he [expletive] up and that he had a problem with voyeurism, confessing to putting the cameras in the women’s locker room.

It was also revealed that Tillman often spends most of his free time in his dorm room on his personal laptop.

We did reach out to Easthampton Mayor Nicole LaChapelle’s office and she told us that the allegation is an open investigation and city policy is to not comment on open investigations. She told us that Tillman has been placed on paid administrative leave and pled not guilty and could face no more than two-and-a-half years in a house of correction.

We have reached out to Tillman, the Easthampton Firefighters Union, and the Easthampton fire chief for comment, but have not yet heard back.

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