‘Free Blockbuster Robbinsdale’ opens; take a movie, leave a movie


Travis Stone started a “Free Blockbuster in Robbinsdale” Monday allowing movie lovers like himself to share their favorite media with the community.

ROBBINSDALE, Minn. — You’ve probably heard of little free libraries, but now thanks to Travis Stone, there is another way for Minnesotans to share and give media for free.

The new “Free Blockbuster Robbinsdale,” located in front of Fly Vintage & Vinyl, allows residents to take any movie or TV show on DVD or Blu-ray, and return it when they’re done watching.

“I love movies, and always have, and I love the idea of sharing them with people,” Stone said.

Stone’s “Free Blockbuster” opened Monday and claims he has already “gotten a ridiculous amount of traffic” on his Facebook page.

Stone told KARE 11’s Connor O’Neal he hopes that people will come to use his box because “not everyone can afford to have Netflix and Disney+ and Hulu and Apple TV,” and it offers the opportunity to “sit down on the couch with your family and watch a good movie.”

His box opened to the public three days ago, but Stone said he wanted to open it Tuesday just like when the old Blockbuster stores released new movies. Stone admitted he opened his project a day earlier because he was too eager to start.

Stone currently has a collection of over 600 movies and has put some of his duplicates like “Spaceballs” and “The Godfather” into the box.

“Free Blockbuster Robbinsdale’s” Facebook page says movies will be cycled “in and out to keep it fresh.” When asked about often Stone would cycle new media in, he said that he was going to wait to see how popular it became, but mentioned “the first Tuesday of every month” as a possibility.

But when something is free, the threat of having something stolen is possible. Stone said you can’t live life to “the lowest common denominator,” and something like this isn’t in his control.

What he can control though, is what is inside the box. Stone mentioned that people can contribute their own media to his movie box when they want, or can send Stone a message on Facebook.

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