Hopkinton couple finds hundreds of thousands of bees living in shed


HOPKINTON – A couple was shocked to find an entire colony of bees living inside the wall of their shed in Hopkinton.

“There were literally hundreds of thousands of honeybees resting in my woodshed,” said Mike Gram.

Mike and Ivy Gram love to enjoy the natural beauty of their backyard, but nothing could have prepared them for the colony of honeybees that took up residence inside their tool and woodshed. 

“This whole corner was covered with bees,” said Ivy Gram. “In the corner he said oh my goodness, this is like four feet wide, six feet tall covered in bees, maybe 20 bees deep.”

The Grams called their neighbors who happen to be beekeepers.

“He just used a broom and a dustpan to scoop them off and he had a hive behind him, and he would just pour them into the hive,” Ivy said.

Today they’re happy the colony has been removed and the bees found an even better home.

“So, I certainly didn’t want to kill them. If they can use them and have the honey, I am happy,” Ivy said. 

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