Key West police officer helps save baby turtles who couldn’t find way to ocean


KEY WEST, Fla. – A Key West police officer responded to a call Monday night about a group of baby turtles that needed help.

According to authorities, the hatchlings hatched on the beach at the Pier House.

“But instead of heading to the water, they began trekking across the wooden decking of the closed restaurant,” authorities said.

Photos taken from the scene show Officer Randy Perez and a Good Samaritan rescuing the baby turtles and guiding them to the water.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, five species of sea turtles are found swimming in Florida’s waters. All are protected under state statutes.

Female sea turtles crawl ashore in the summer to dig a nest and lay their eggs.

“After incubating for about two months, the eggs begin to hatch,” the FWC says on its website. “A few days later, 2-inch hatchlings emerge as a group.


“This mass exodus usually occurs at night, and the hatchlings use the bright, open view of the night sky over the water to find their way to the sea. Artificial lights on beachfront buildings and roadways distract hatchlings on their way to the ocean.”

Because of that, many beachfront communities in the state have adopted lighting ordinances that require lights to be shut off or shielded during nesting and hatching season.

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