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Neighbors warn after coyotes kill multiple pets


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – Neighbors in Green Hill have been warning each other to watch out for coyotes after pets have come up dead.

A woman and her family said their dog was attacked and killed by coyotes a few weeks ago and now they are worried this won’t be the last.

Another family on Estes Road said their 10-year-old small poodle was attacked by three coyotes and caught it all on their backyard camera.

In the video, their dog Snowball runs after three coyotes. The family did not want to share the rest of the graphic video, but within seconds, Snowball was dragged into the trees.

Family members said they have called 911 and wildlife crews to come out and inspect the area, and officials are telling residents to keep their animals inside.

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