New York Hamptons ritzy rental homes invaded by woman on multiple occasions: report


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A woman in New York has been periodically entering rental homes in the ritzy Hamptons area on multiple occasions since the end of May.

The woman, Peace Ofoego, 32, has been caught by police three times for trespassing since May, according to the New York Post, citing police reports. However, the woman has entered at least seven properties in Westhampton Beach, but some property owners decided not to press charges.

Ofoego was first seen by a resident during Memorial Day Weekend when someone saw “a black female wearing a black trench coat and sandals” in the backyard construction site of one of his rental properties which has four bedrooms.

She told police that she didn’t have any identification on her due to a recent robbery which allegedly took place in Washington, D.C. The woman said that she then went to New York City and hopped on a train to Westhampton Beach in order to find a hotel by the beach.


The woman, Peace Ofoego, 32, has been caught by police three times for trespassing since May, according to the New York Post, citing police reports. However, the woman has entered at least seven properties in Westhampton Beach, but some property owners decided not to press charges.
(Stefano Giovannini)

Afterward, police assisted Ofoego in finding a homeless shelter because she wanted to “transfer funds to an account” and charge her computer. Then, on June 2, another Westhampton Beach resident spotted the woman on the deck of her $275,000 rental property, which has eight bedrooms. 

Police were called and Ofoego was charged with criminal trespassing. She allegedly entered the house through an unlocked gate from the beach that leads to the rental property, according to the report.

“Subject stated she was staying at a house down the road and entered the stated residence to ask somebody about a restaurant to eat at,” according to the police report.

Ofoego was again spotted at another rental property on June 4 that goes for $34,999 per month, this time allegedly “staying” in the pool house. The owner of the home, John Mallon, declined to press charges but wanted to document the incident with the woman.

As police were trying to assist the woman in finding a homeless shelter, “Peace began walking away,” according to the police report.

The officer warned Ofoego that she would be arrested if she kept entering homes.

“She left the area on foot,” according to the police report.

In a Facebook page for locals of the area, residents have reported that Ofoego has been seen multiple times in the area and sometimes asks people for help.

“A few weeks ago, she approached me in Lidl asking for help,” wrote Marie Costelli, according to the report. “She needed money to pay for her groceries. As I was handing her some cash, which she took, a man who may have been the store manager asked her to leave. I felt sorry for her. I hope she gets the help she needs.”

During one court case for trespassing charges, she announced plans to defend herself.


In one case, when police officers served her with a subpoena to appear in court, Ofoego told them that “I will sue you.”

When the New York Post talked to Ofoego, she said that she was born in Nigeria and has lived in the United States for the past 13 years.

The woman said that she came to the United States when she was 19 and went to Baton Rouge, La. to study medical science at Southern University. She said that her father is still in Nigeria and is a journalist, but added that her parents are aware of the situation she’s in but can’t help her.

Ofoego said that she previously lived in Florida and fled an abusive husband, also stating that she was pushed downstairs on a New York subway in May. The New York Post said it didn’t find records of the incident.

“All I want is just some simple kindness from strangers,” she said. “But no one cares about me.”

Westhampton Beach resident who spoke with Fox News Digital said that he believes residents should opt to press charges against the woman and believes it’s the only way she’ll receive mental health.

“You know, if you build a case on this woman, you realize that she needs mental health and they can get her off the streets until she can get better. You know, it’s definitely a mental health problem. And I think she’s in danger by going into homes,” the resident said.

The resident specifically said that the woman is putting herself in danger by entering homes, saying that some homeowners might decide to take action against the woman if she enters their home.

“This woman is dangerous to herself and the community,” the resident added.

Ofoego also told a New York Post photographer that she was unaware that beach access was restricted to people who live in the area.

“I didn’t know there are no black people in Westhampton,” she said.

She did tell police that she doesn’t know anyone in the area, but said that she has an aunt in Louisiana, Ugoo Onyenekwu.

Police called Onyenekwu, who said that Ofoego has been “moving around looking for a location where she could regain custody of her children who are currently in California,” according to the report.

While it’s not clear how many children she has, Ofoego was stopped by police on Nov. 4, 2020 for “failure to register a motor vehicle” with court records stating that she had “seven juvenile passengers” in the car, according to the report.

According to the report, Ofoego has lived throughout Florida over the past several years and has worked with her husband, Marquis Duvuall Hudson, with a company titled Meticulous Cleaning Services in Boca Raton.


Hudson was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer in Florida in 2017 and was sentenced to almost a year in prison, according to the report.

In 2018, Hudson allegedly hit Ofoego, who was newly pregnant when she called police and said that he hit her during a fight while working. Hudson allegedly “grabbed her around her throat and began choking her” after he accused her of “trying to leave the country.”

When asked by police if Hudson was “capable of killing her or her children” Peace responded “yes.” Despite being charged with “domestic battery to a pregnant female,” Ofoego didn’t show up to court in order to provide testimony, and his case was thrown out, according to the report.

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