“Sheer fear and panic”: Strangers rescue visually impaired man who fell into Boston Harbor with guide dog


BOSTON – A man who is visually impaired is looking for the two strangers who jumped into Boston Harbor to save his life.

The misstep was captured by Isabella Scott, a TikTok influencer who was walking with her guide dog while shooting video of her fiancé Ezrick Marines walking with his guide dog, just outside the entrance of Fan Pier Park in the Seaport.

“I started shouting ‘he can’t swim, he can’t swim’ because that’s the only logical thing I could think of to do at the time,” Scott told WBZ.

In the panic of the moment, she paused that live feed moments before two good Samaritans jumped in to rescue her drowning fiancé.

“I can’t swim to save my life,” Marines said. “I had a bookbag on, I had my phone in my hand, had the dog in my other hand, freaking out.”

The visually impaired couple were in town for a holiday weekend stroll when Ezrick and his guide dog Brutus got their signals crossed for a brief moment on the waterfront and both fell six feet into the harbor.

“Sheer fear and panic,” Marines said.

Brutus swam to dry land as two strangers plunged into the water to grab a flailing Ezrick, while other passersby and even some TikTok viewers called 911.

“They jumped in to rescue somebody that they didn’t even know,” Scott said. “That to me is heroic.”

Isabella is convinced her fiancé would’ve drown had those men not been there. But in the aftermath of those crazy moments the heroes slipped away.

“It was so hectic that we didn’t get to get their names because we were rushed into the ambulance,” Scott said. 

“I really want to meet them and thank them from the bottom of my heart,” Ezrick said.

Ezrick fell through one of several spots along that stretch where there’s a gap in the guardrail and the couple believes that’s a danger which needs to be addressed, not just for the sight-impaired, but also for children and older folks.

“I think it would just make it completely safer for families and everyone just to enjoy the park,” Scott said.

The couple says they were told by EMTs that tumbles into the water along that stretch are not uncommon.

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