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Thieves steal storm drain covers in West Haven


WEST HAVEN, CT (WSFB) – About five grates have been stolen from storm drains in West Haven, officials said.

Most were stolen around the areas of Campbell Avenue and Forest Road.

Police believe people are selling them for cash.

Drains are all over the city, but officials are getting reports of them being wide open without any covers.

Staff are concerned someone might run or fall right into these holes that at times are about 15 feet deep.

Five cones are now in front of Miss Patty’s Psychic Services.

“Terrible. Terrible. I am here to change the atmosphere. To bring in positive so people can be trusting one another. So people can respect one another. To send out good messages and then right in front of my store this happens,” said Patty Patterson, owner of Miss Patty’s Psychic Services.

Patty said a few days ago she came in and the drain cover was missing.

Another one was also stolen down the road.

“People are going to be walking in I would prefer for them to be careful so that they don’t slip and fall in there and then we will have a lawsuit on everyone,” said Patty.

The city’s biggest fear is that someone encounters these holes that range from 1 to 15 feet deep.

So far 5 covers were stolen, and police believe they are getting sold to recycling centers

“There is no way we can keep up with all of the bases which is why we put notification out. Asking for the public help to be vigilant. Be very careful. The nightmare scenario for us is the bicyclist, the runner, God forbid a child finds one of the open grates,” said West Haven Public Works Commissioner Tom J. McCarthy.

McCarthy says they reached out to recycling places nearby and they assured him these covers won’t be accepted, unless there is written permission from the city.

But how much are these grates even worth?

“The average weight on these grates is about 150 pounds the average return on the grates somewhere between 10-15 dollars. It’s not for a lot of money,” said McCarthy.

West Haven said people might not get much from selling those covers, but the city has to spend thousands to replace them.

They are asking anyone with information or if you notice one missing to call police.

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